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This is my stupid homepage about anything.
Welcome to it.

February 2010 — As part of the Ecdysis project, I created open-source implementations of DNS64 and NAT64. There is now one less reason not to migrate to IPv6!

May 2008 — Introducing my new baby: Numb, a STUN/TURN server.

June 2007 — My best pictures from Greece.

April 2007 — I setup a dedicated section for code snippets. The first item on display is a C++ octree class template.

August 2006 — I discovered a constant-time median filtering algorithm.

As seen on and Linux Journal!

March 2005 — I rewrote QuadKonsole from scratch. It is now much cleaner and simpler. Download QuadKonsole 2.0.3!
(Ubuntu packages here, OpenSUSE packages here)

QuadKonsole is a program which embeds 4 Konsoles (other numbers can be specified on the command-line). This way you save screen real estate, you don't have to worry about careful placement and the startup time is faster than starting up 4 separate Konsoles.

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